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Our classes are highly effective, fun full body workouts. BECORE can accommodate any fitness level, and always safely under the guidance of our skilled instructors, we offer you a complete body transforming experience.



The highly effective Lagree Method is a low-impact/high intensity workout, using the Megaformer with controlled movements, with your core in the centre of every move. 



Our Barre method is a mix of ballet, pilates and yoga with a flow that strengthen, lengthen and tone you from the inside out. With upbeat and energetic music-driven classes this is no traditional Barre class!

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Cycle is a powerful indoor cycling class that combines high intensity cardio, strength training and rhythm-based choreography. It's all about riding together as a pack to the beat of the music!


“Fun and challenging classes, professional instructors and a friendly atmosphere”

— Sofia, client since 2014



No membership, no commitment. BECORE operate on a pay as you go basis. Simply register your details online and buy credits to sign up for class. Easy as that!