Joining Becore requires no commitment other than to yourself! We offer credits to pay as you go as well as various packages to fit your lifestyle, whether you want to keep it casual or if you are ready to commit to a membership.

Most popular

20 credits

Valid 6 months, on all classes at all studios.

5 600 kr

10 BeatCycle credits

Valid 3 months, on BeatCycle classes at all studios.

2 300 kr


Subscription of 10 credits per month. Bring a friend on your credits once a month. 10% discount on retail. Exclusive members Top up credits.

1 999 kr/month


Are you away from studios all summer but want to workout with Becore? Let’s keep you moving with our new At Home membership. Available now for only 299 SEK/month.


The Becore At Home membership costs 299 SEK per month and will be charged monthly unless you cancel. Membership can be cancelled at any time with one month's notice, and you will lose access to the At Home area when your latest subscription expires. Join Now

299 kr / month


All classes

Valid on all classes at all studios.

1 credit

Valid 1 month

330 kr

5 credits

Valid 3 months

1 600 kr

10 credits

Valid 3 months

3 000 kr

20 credits

Valid 6 months

5 600 kr

50 credits

Valid 1 year

13 000 kr

BeatCycle classes

Valid on BeatCycle classes at all studios.

FIRST TIME BEATCYCLE - 1 credit valid 1 month

Valid 1 month. Intro offer for new riders!

150 kr

BeatCycle Starter package

Ride once a day for a month with this special introductory price! Valid one month from date of purchase.

990 kr

BeatCycle Membership

Get unlimited access to all BeatCycle classes at all studios. Ride one class a day! Plus, every month you get 2 FREE BeatCycle credits to invite friends! This membership runs on a month-to-month basis, commitment is only one month.

1 900 kr/month

1 BeatCycle credit

Valid 1 month

270 kr

3 BeatCycle credits

Valid 2 months

750 kr

10 BeatCycle credits

Valid 3 months

2 300 kr

30 BeatCycle credits

Valid 6 months

6 300 kr


No matter how many classes you want to commit to every month, our new membership offering will help you take your wellness routine to new heights!

With the membership you receive a set number of credits each month, depending on membership option, for 12 months. The membership credits are valid on all classes at all studio locations. All memberships are for personal use only and cannot be shared, but every month you can invite a friend on your credits to join you for class.

After the 12 months commitment period the membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis until terminated in writing the latest 7 days before next monthly payment is due. The start date, and billing date, is the actual date you sign up for the membership.

It is possible to freeze your membership one time per commitment period, up to 4 weeks. During this suspension it is not possible to book any classes and the equivalent time will be added to your membership.

Do you want to go to more classes one month? We got you! As a member you have access to exclusive top up credits at a special rate.
As a member you get discount on any retail in our shops, and stay tuned… We have some very exciting news regarding our retail offering coming soon!


5 classes per month. Bring a friend. 10% discount on retail. Top up credits.

1 099 kr/month


10 classes per month. Bring a friend. 10% discount on retail. Top up credits.

1 999 kr/month


20 classes per month. Bring friend twice a month. 20% discount on retail. Top up credits.

2 999 kr/month


We run courses on a regular basis. You will work out with the same dedicated group of people during a period with a set number of classes.

Click here for available courses and dates

Megaformer Intro Course (x3)

Are you new to the Megaformer or want to get back to the basics of the workout? Then this course is for you! Once a week for three weeks, you will train together with the same group of people under the skilled guidance of our experienced instructor. A pair of grip socks are included in the price.

1 099 kr

Becore Baby

This is a postnatal course twice weekly during 6 weeks (12 sessions in total) dedicated to new mothers who want to start exercising again after childbirth. The focus of this course will be on restoring function and core stability after baby, and get relevant advice on how to reconnect with your core and muscles. You are welcome to bring your baby to class (but we don't provide childcare).

4 900 kr

Private Training

Becore offers private classes for those looking for a more personalised training program. Email our team to learn more about our private classes. Our trainers are here to create a tailor-made workout program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

1 PT session

Private training for 1 person. Valid 3 months. Book session via email or front desk.

1 300 kr

1 DUO PT session

Private training for 2 people. Valid 3 months. Book session via email or front desk.

1 600 kr

Looking for a gift?

Purchase a gift card of any amount to be redeemed at Becore. The gift card will be delivered to your recipient by email on a date of your choice. Should you instead want a physical gift card, please come by any of our studios or send us an email!

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