Barre & Yoga

Our Barre class is an efficient full body workout designed for everybody to join. It sculpts, strengthens and tones the whole body by using tiny movements and many repetitions. Every class is a combination of strength training, ballet moves, pilates and yoga. It’s music driven, but there is no dancing involved. Pulse and sweat, and let every muscle in the body burn constantly throughout the class!

Our yoga classes are designed to strengthen and stretch, while relaxing our minds.

Our Barre & Yoga Classes

Our Yoga Strength class builds strength and relaxation in one. A session where we start the class with pulse. Powerful positions and exercises to strengthen legs, back, arms and core. The session ends with Yin positions for meditative relaxation, distribution of the energy you have given your body during the session and to stretch out the muscles you have used during class.

Yin Yoga is a great addition to any workout. Ying and yang, two forces opposite to each other but form one whole. Yin is relaxed, yang is active. We counteract our yin side for a large part of our active life, in yin yoga we activate our parasympathetic nervous system and give muscles and the body a chance to recover. Deep, long stretches, calm breathing with lovely relaxation for stiff muscles and bodies as a result. Opens hips, lower back, increases energy flow and reduces stress.

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Barre is a form of exercise that is influenced by ballet, pilates and yoga and trains strength, balance and mobility in a different way than many are used to. We are using our own body weight, light weights, sliders and exercise bands during class.

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What to bring

  • Fitness clothing
  • Grip socks (available for purchase)
  • Water bottle (available for purchase)
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