Efficient and safe, our Megaformer class is a 50 minute body-transforming full body workout. This class is non-impact yet high intensity and simultaneously incorporate cardiovascular and resistance training. Slow and controlled full body movements with constant tension to work your muscle fibers to failure, will force them to rebuild a more sculpted, leaner and stronger you. The results speak for themselves!

The highly effective Lagree Method is a low-impact/high intensity workout.

BeatCycle is a mind & body experience with music as the heartbeat. An escape from the outside world on a journey that encourages you to get connected with yourself, push your limits whilst giving you an intense full body workout. You will leave feeling inspired and ready to take on any challenge.

It's all about riding together as a pack to the beat of the music!
Barre & Yoga

Our Barre class is an efficient full body workout designed for everybody to join. It sculpts, strengthens and tones the whole body by using tiny movements and many repetitions. Every class is a combination of strength training, ballet moves, pilates and yoga. It's music driven, but there is no dancing involved. Move and sweat like never before, and let every muscle in the body burn constantly throughout the class!

With upbeat and energetic music-driven classes this is no traditional Barre class!
Workshops & Private Training

We can offer private training by appointment for individuals, as well as for small and large groups. We also have postnatal courses with our Becore Baby courses and introduction courses to the Megaformer workout on a regular basis. Please find more information about our current Bootcamps, Workshops and pop-up classes below.

Stay tuned for information on BOOTCAMPS, WORKSHOPS and POP-UP CLASSES!
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