Our BECORE Cycle classes is not your traditional spinning class - along with a strong focus on athletic performance, we ride as a pack to the rhythm of the music. You will experience a powerful 45 minute workout that combines high intensity cardio, strength training and rhythm-based choreography. It's all about the experience rather than the workout - riding together to the beat and letting yourself go!



45 minutes of hard work combining high intensity cardio, strength & fun! We provide you with towels and cycling shoe rentals (complimentary with each class).

Pro-tip: Drink plenty of water before, during & after your ride - you are going to sweat! Avoid loose pants and eat a light snack a few hours before your ride so you have enough energy for the entire class!

The best spin class in Stockholm, hands down!
— Fredrik, BECORE client since 2016


  • Water bottle (also available for purchase)

  • Fitness clothing and socks

  • BECORE provides complimentary cycle shoe rental & towels