Favorite artist

I love riding to melodic EDM with long buildups to heavy beat drops, like lots of Gareth Emery songs showcase!

Best advice

Be the change you want to see in the world! The sky isn’t the limit – there is no limit! The hardest things in life give the greatest rewards!

Something you love

Forests, mountains & lakes – Mother Nature in general! I love reading actual books, rock climbing, playing guitar, and sharing optimism, positivity & love wherever I go!

Get ready for a class with lots of feel-good vibes! Swedish-American Dave will give you a high-energy experience and with lots of great music! His playlists are designed as a rollercoaster ride of different vibes frequently featuring a couple hip-hop, rap, or trap songs, on top of base driven electronic dance, trance, rock, pop, punk and remixed tunes. But whatever the song, the beat is strong!

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